Best football teams in Central America

Many people would say that football is only savory if it’s played in Europe. And there is truth to this. European football is really the best in the world. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t teams with excellent players in the rest of the world. One such hotspot of top players is, believe it or not, Central America. There are many teams that are worthy of attention in this region. Below you will find some of the best football teams to be found in the region of Central America.

The best teams

The first name that springs immediately to mind when it comes to Central American football is Deportivo Saprissa. This team is the leading and most popular club of the country Costa Rica. It’s originally founded by the legendary player of Espanyol, Ricardo Saprissa. You just need to throw one look in the trophy cabin of this club to see what it’s about. In fact, Deportivo Saprissa have won their first league no less than 34 times, in total. But their success doesn’t end there. They managed to make huge international wins, too. They have won the CONCACAF Champions League three times. This is not a small feat for a team from Costa Rica. The thing to note here is that Deportivo Saprissa is definitely not the only quality team stemming from Costa Rica. There are the teams of Herediano and Alajuelense, to name a few. These teams are also big in their country. But they are no way near the might and popularity of Deportivo Saprissa.

Then there’s the country of Honduras. You’d be surprised to learn that these relatively small countries have fantastic football teams. One such team coming from Honduras is Olimpia. They have won the national title 30 times, in total. Also, they have had international success, too, by winning the CONCAF league recently. So, they are definitely a big club with a tradition.

You can also look into some of the other countries in the region, too. For example, there’s the country of Guatemala. This country has some solid football clubs, too. Some of the best football clubs coming from this country are Municipal and Comunicaciones. If you see their track record, you will see that they are definitely worthy of being on the list of top teams in Central America. They have a nigh-perfect track record of destroying their competition and winning trophies in the process of doing so. They also have some fantastic, very talented players in their ranks.

We can’t really forget about the small country of El Salvador. Despite it being small, it has a lot to offer in terms of the quality of football being played. Now, the biggest teams in this country are Aguila and FAS. If you want to see some top-notch football in Central America, and in El Salvador in specific, then you should definitely see some of the games that these two clubs play.

In conclusion

So, there you have it. We have mentioned the names of some of the biggest and best football teams in Central America. But it goes without saying that we can’t really cover them all. You need to do some additional research of your own if you’re interested in learning more. Watching a game or two of these clubs is definitely something that you should do if you wish to witness some good football taking place.


Craziest football fans in Latin America

Football is a very fun game to watch. You watch the two opposing teams clash and battle for taking the win. And this is very fun and exciting. The fans are clamoring for some action of this kind. They “aw” and “boo” at every turn of the ball. But there are some extreme cases. There are entire groups of football fans that take things to the next level. And many of these extreme groups are to be found in Latin America. Below you will learn more about the craziest football fans in Latin America.


  1. The Boca Juniors fans

Now, you may think that you have seen it all. Perhaps you have seen a game in the Premier League where the Liverpool fans are singing the anthem “You’ll never walk alone”. And you may think that this is extreme fandom. But you will be terribly wrong. Case in point – the Boca Juniors fans. Most of the time, they are the most loyal football fans in the world. Just see some of their choreography and behavior on some YouTube clips and you will see what we’re talking about. They scream at the top of their lungs in one single voice. They all are colored with the team colors. It’s magnificent to see them in action. But sometimes, they take things to the extreme. There was a recent escalation of violence that saw the Argentinian Cup final get postponed. People were injured and all hell broke loose – just because of the crazy love of the Boca Juniors fans for their football club.

  1. The River Plata football fans

Now, on a closely related note, we have the River Plata football fans. They are the ones that were involved in the Argentina Cup finals, alongside the Boca Juniors fans. Now, everything is fine when it comes to the way these fans behave in regular football matches. Sure, a racial slur or bad words do tend to come from time to time – but these excesses are negligible. But the fact that the River Plata football fans have outright attacked some of the Boca Juniors fans before the final of the Argentina Cup started takes things in a new direction. The River Plata fans are truly exceptional in their zeal for defending the colors of their team. And they frequently take things to the next level – which is why they are some of the craziest football fans in Latin America.

  1. The Universitario football fans

Now, the fans of Universitario are outright crazy. And we don’t mean this in a good way, either. Sure, they love their club. But they use this as an excuse to vent anger and dish out violence whenever they feel like it. And needless to say – this is never an excuse to do something as wrong as instigating violence. And things have gotten very bad in the country of Peru. In fact, the rival fans have been banned on matches between the football rivals in the country. This is done so as to avoid any violence getting sparked up. So, the Universitario football fans are pretty unorthodox and crazy in their zest for the Universitario football club.

In conclusion

There you have it, these were some of the craziest football fans groups in Latin America. There are many more – the entire continent is full of people that are overly zealous when it comes to football. We have only touched the tip of the iceberg here. You can do additional research of your own in order to find the full list of craziest football fans in Latin America.

Top 5 goals in Copa Libertadores

Copa Libertadores is one of the most important and popular football competitions in the entire world. The eyes of the world are turned towards this South American football cup. Since Latin America is a football talent powerhouse – it goes without saying that there’s some excellent football being playing there. And there are loads of outstanding goals that you can see nowhere else – not even in European football. To that end, below you will get to read more about the top 5 goals in Copa Libertadores.

  1. Gabriel Valverde’s free kick shot (San Jose vs. River Plate)

The first goal that we will mention is scored from a free kick. But this is not just any free kick. The thing that separates this one from the rest is the vast distance that the ball needs to travel in order to reach the ball. The free kick is taken from more than 30 meters from the goal – truly a great distance. Gabriel takes a shot and blasts the ball over the wall of players and into the goal. The keeper could have done a better job of saving the goal but we can’t blame him that he didn’t expect such a powerful and accurate shot from such a long distance. It’s a beautiful goal.

  1. Gustavo Bou’s beautiful shot (Tachira vs. Racing)

This is a very technical and beautiful strike that we’re talking here. It all starts with the goalkeeper crossing the ball far into enemy territory. Gustavo Bou is the player that takes the ball in front of him – an opposing player is on his back. He wastes no time at all, turns around with the ball and places a beautiful shot that travels over the goalkeeper and into the goal. Truth be told, most likely this wouldn’t be a goal if the goalkeeper was not so far outside from the goal. But still, it doesn’t diminish the technical prowess of Gustavo Bou’s shot.

  1. Jorge Rojas’ powerful shot (Tachira vs. Cerro Porteno)

Not many players are prepared to shoot from great distances. Even the players that do have the talent, accuracy, and power to do this – seldom decide to go for this. Chances are big that they will not hit the goal and then the ball is lost. But this was not the case with Jorge Rojas against Cerro Porteno. He received the ball from a throw in and he quickly moved it towards the middle. Sensing that he has the opportunity to place the perfect shot – he decides to go for it. He places a tremendously powerful shot from more than thirty meters away. The ball hits the bar and falls behind the line, and the crowd goes ballistic.

  1. Carlos Sanchez’s bicycle kick (River Plate vs. Tigres)

Carlos Sanchez does not mess around. There is a corner being taken for River Plate. A River Plate player hits the ball with his head, sending it on the other side of the penalty area. Carlos Sanchez does what looks like a semi-bicycle kick and sends the ball directly into the goal. This is a screamer of a goal, as shown by the crowd’s reaction.

  1. Rodrigo Mora (Guarani vs. River Plate)

Rodrigo Mora gets a forward ball near the center of the pitch and he sprints with it towards the opponent’s goal. Most players here would try power through to the goal or in any way place a shot that will subvert the keeper’s efforts to keep it away. But what Rodrigo Mora does is truly outstanding. He places a perfectly placed chip shot over the keeper and just under the bar. It’s a truly beautiful goal.

In conclusion

These were some of the best goals that we have seen in the Copa Libertadores. Many more such fantastic goals are likely to be scored in the future.